Our Newest BRIKA Blogger: Anabela from Fieldguided


[caption id="attachment_472" align="aligncenter" width="403"] Anabela from fieldguided.com, the newest member of our blogging family[/caption] Hello! My name is Anabela and some of you may know me from my blog, Fieldguided , or from the small accessories line of the same name that my husband Geoff and I run. I've been blogging for years, from the early days of personal, photo-less “journals.” I have had this particular blog since 2007, and while sometimes it feels a little funny to hear myself referred to as a “blogger,” after five years of maintaining it and watching my blog grow, I suppose I am a blogger! Keeping it keeps me inspired to create. My brain never stops whirring; even when I'm busy at my full-time job or out running errands for the shop, there's a constant flow of ideas buzzing in the back of my mind (some good, most terrible, which is how it tends to go with creativity). Luckily I am a born multi-tasker (actually, as I type this I am absently listening to some Christmas music, trying to find inspiration for holiday cards I want to make, hoping something jumps out at me). I love having an outlet for my creative side, through which I can share the things near and dear to my heart. Over the years, I've tried present something that is as original and uniquely “me” as I can make it. I also love seeing other bloggers communicate their passions through their blogs. I love reading about what inspires them and even, occasionally, reading about what they ate for dinner on the weekend. I love that blogs can be a peek into the lives of others, which is great for naturally curious (maybe even nosy!) people like me. The only downside is that sometimes I can find myself talking about bloggers out loud, as through they're friends of mine, when we haven't met. That always makes me feel a little bit crazy, but it happens! Blogging has been wonderful for me, and I am so grateful for the opportunities that have come my way because of it. I've learned a lot, I've met so many incredible people, and have been involved in many exciting projects. For an introvert like me, it's all pretty amazing. Parterning with BRIKA, for example, is a lucky opportunity that came my way through blogging, and I jumped at the chance when it was offered! Jen first contacted me while I was deep in the process of planning a wedding, and I kept putting our meeting off. Once we'd met, though, I wished I hadn't waited, because I was really touched by her enthusiasm and sincerity. I truly believe in what she and Kena are trying to create through BRIKA. I'll be sharing lots of DIY projects on the blog, so I hope you'll follow along to see what's next!

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