Maker Match: Round 2


You’ve heard the story about Jen and Kena (a most serendipitous meeting!), and now we’re hearing similar stories about our Makers. Makers across the country are reaching out (through BRIKA!) and collaborating to create modern pieces with a story.


Mariah of Btwn Wind & Water teamed up with T of Upper Metal Class to create simple yet elegant bracelets and accessories. We especially love their new iPad case crafted with genuine motorcycle leather (it’s durable but also buttery soft) and uniquely accented with metal.

Mariah filled us in on this awesome leather & metal collaboration—which she and T created through emails and Skype conversations.

What inspired your collaboration?

I have always admired the Upper Metal Class brand and thought that a Btwn Wind & Water and UMC collaboration would produce a beautiful, simply elegant product for the BRIKA customer.


What was the best part of your experience?

Sharing our creative processes and creating unique products that reflect our aesthetic and style. I think we have a very similar woman that we design for and kept her in mind when designing our collaborative pieces.


Were you and T ever able to meet?

Since I live in Portland, Oregon and T is in Los Angeles, we were not able to see each other until we met at the Renegade Craft Fair in SF this summer. It was great to finally meet face to face.

I love the iPad case. What inspired this design?

To really marry the leather and jewelry together we wanted to create something different than we both make currently—this pushed us both to think about a functional yet beautiful item where we could showcase both of our skills. We wanted to create something with a unique shape and closure that the BRIKA customer would want to carry around and use.


What advice would you give Makers who are hoping to collaborate?

It is a great opportunity to push yourself to really do something new and learn from each other. You never know what it could inspire!

Any accessory design trends we can look forward to in 2014?

In terms of handbag designs/trends, I am really excited to be adventuring into men’s small leather goods! There will be a Btwn Wind & Water capsule men’s collection this year!


Love Mariah and T’s collection as much as we do? Make it yours!

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