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I don't usually write posts about food, but I had to make an exception after this weekend. I made a lemon cake for a dinner party on Saturday evening and my hubs and I made lemon poppyseed waffles the next day for brunch. After slicing, squeezing and zesting lemons all weekend, I kind of fell in love. Lemons are lovely in so many ways! They are fragrant, light, tangy, refreshing and the prettiest shade of yellow. You can add them to sweet or savoury dishes as a humble ingredient, or as the star of the show. You can pile them up in a bowl for a fresh centrepiece. Or use them sliced many ways to decorate a dish. Summer is the perfect time to bring more lemons into your life....here are a few ideas:


1) Pile lemons into any kind of pretty vessel around the house — a glass jar or vase or a silver bowl.

2) Make this delicious cake for your friends and family courtesy of Martha (she makes the BEST cakes!)


3) Enjoy more spring salads with the simplest dressing — a squeeze of lemon, lemon zest, a good olive oil, salt and pepper.

4) Brunch with these lemon poppyseed waffles

5) Wear something summery and bright (or add a fresh lemon scent to your home!).


Tarim Yellow Necklace  |   Rosemary Lemon Soap  | Lemon Druzy Studs

What are your favourite ways to enjoy lemons?

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