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We go on vacation to relax, decompress, get away from it all, escape, or de-stress. But for those of us with busy every day lives (um, EVERYONE) it can be hard to leave behind the routines, schedules, and to-do lists and just let go. I always find it takes me at least one full day before I feel like I don't have to run off to tackle something.

Here are 6 ideas to help you ease into vacation mode:

Disconnect. Do not look at your phone or email! This was particularly hard for me since I am usually glued to my iPhone. But it's really important to remind yourself that your life doesn't (and shouldn't) revolve around what's popping up on your PDA. If you do want to stay connected, turn it on once a day, but for the rest of the time, power down and keep it off.

Be spontaneous and do things off schedule. Don't worry about whether you just had a shower when an invitation to go sea kayaking comes up. Seize the moment and go!

Take your time. Turn a half an hour meal into a three hour meal. Stop at a market on the roadside. Search for the perfect place to eat fresh fish for lunch. Don't rush!

Unpack your suitcase. Stress to me is living out of a suitcase. You don't know what you packed and everything is all in a mess. Take a few minutes to put everything away so you can settle in and keep your room low on clutter so you can focus on fun.

Get lots of sleep. There is a tendency to pack it all in when you go away but remember it's also your time to relax. Get plenty of sleep so you can enjoy the activities you do choose to do even more.

Be flexible. This is especially important if you're travelling with other people. Don't get too hung up on time tables or schedules. Just go with the flow and enjoy the people around you.

Do you have a vacation coming up? Share your tips with us!

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