How to make the most of the end of your summer

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Whether you're of the persuasion that summer is the best time of year or that each of the four seasons has its virtues, there's no denying that the end of the season is in our midst, and fall is just around the corner. Rather than lament this fact (and we're just as guilty of that as the next person!), why not carpe the heck out of that diem and squeeze out every last, sun-soaked minute? We challenge you to tick off at least one of the below nine ways to have a well-crafted summer, courtesy of our summer e-book (which if you haven't checked out yet, what are you waiting for?!). How do you make the most of your summer – or any season? Let us know in the comments below!

1. Book a staycation.

Get to know your hometown through the eyes of a visitor. Make a bucket list of everything you’ve ever wanted to eat, drink, see and do on home turf – then go do them!

2. Sweat it out at your local park.

Grab a towel and channel your inner yogi, work up the courage to try slacklining, or join the local tai chi-ers during their morning exercise routine. Air-conditioned gym < great outdoors.

3. Host an outdoor movie night.

Hang a sheet outside and fire up your projector, or check out what’s on tap for al fresco cinema in your hometown.

4. Have a picnic!

Grab an oversized blanket, pack up your favorite snacks and head to your neighborhood green space.

5. Let nature be your inspiration.

The cliché about the beauty of nature is true – enjoy the things we are freely given. Bring a sketchbook or journal outside and create a work of art that is entirely yours.

6. Get thyself to the water.

Be it a lake, river or ocean, there’s something undeniably magical about a cool dip on a hot day (or night!).

7. Take stock of summer produce at your local farmer’s market.

Cherries, corn, plums, cucumbers, peaches and berries are all safe bets for what’s on tap in the seasonal produce department.

8. Road trip. Pick a destination, book off a weekend and get planning.

Car top down, summer playlist blaring, open road ahead – need we say more?

9. Tackle your reading wish list.

With warm local temperatures no longer warranting a beach vacation to get through the book that’s been sitting idle on your bedside table, take the opportunity to get reading.   Morning Culture blanket in main image, available at BRIKA in-store.  

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