Have a Well-Crafted Week: January 31, 2016

Have a Well-Crafted Week

Design From Peter Pan to Pride and Prejudice, one artist shrank these storied novels down to their punctuation only and created compelling designs out of dashes, periods and semicolons. From objects of curiosity to design feats, Designlines magazine rounds up their top picks from Toronto Design Week. Health From inducing a meditative state to boosting self-esteem, The New York Times explains why we should all be taking time to knit. Humor From “That Compliment Strikes Me As Sort of a Dig Face” to “Please Do Keep Checking Your Phone Face,” McSweeney’s offers alternatives to the Resting Bitch Face that will be hard not to laugh out loud at. Creativity If you ever needed a reminder to embrace the inherent weirdness life inevitably throws at you, this is it. This illuminating interview with John Maeda, former head of MIT Media Lab and Rhode Island School of Design, and his work as it explores the intersection of business, design and technology, is a compelling read. Ingenuity Ever heard the saying “no wifi, no problem”? Neither have we—but one artist reminds us to enjoy life’s simple pleasures with this kit to help you go off the grid. Food for thought Sure, having plenty of Facebook friends can be an ego boost—but what does this amount to in real life? As one study bleakly demonstrates, not much. Next time FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) creeps up on you on a Friday night, these simple mantras serve as friendly reminders why staying in can oftentimes be a good thing. The New York Times makes a case for parents looking to foster ingenuity in creative children: letting them pursue their own passions, not yours. In feature image: John Maeda’s “Florada—a computational study” via The Great Discontent

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    Hi there,
    Great question! This is a technical issue we are working on. Although we’re based in Canada, the majority of our customers are in the U.S. We are focused on making the CAD option available over the next few months. Thanks for your patience.
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    Can I ask how come the prices of all items listed on Brika are not listed in Canadian dollars since it is a Canadian company?
    It makes it very confusing when trying to shop. Thanks.

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