Have a Well-Crafted Week: January 24, 2016

art cool finds design Have a Well-Crafted Week

Snowed in this weekend or looking for an excuse to hibernate? Read on for a roundup of some our favorite finds on the Internet this week.  Creativity Contrary to what you may think to be true, science has demonstrated that we are all wired to create, and creative people are able to juggle seemingly contradictory modes of thought, such as being cognitive and emotional, deliberate and spontaneous. But how do we cultivate our inherent creativity? From engaging in imaginative play to allowing yourself to daydream, here are ten habits of the mind that promote this type of thinking. Art What does the color scheme in Vincent van Gogh’s Bedroom in Aries have to do with his epilepsy? Why did Ferdinand Victor Eugene Delacroix give the female figure of freedom a bare chest in his painting Liberty Leading the People? Even though these paintings are familiar to us as art history pop culture mainstays, the secrets behind these ten paintings are as intriguing as the art itself. One’s workspace can be a very personal place, but it should always be one that inspires productivity and inspiration. This peek at famous artists in their studios is a captivating and revelatory trip through time. Eating and entertaining The Christmas holidays may be a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean delicious and visually stunning food has to be. A Pair and a Spare’s Geneva Vanderzeil lays out how to create a cheese, meat and fruit platter that’s so gorgeous you’ll want to proudly share your creation on social media, and remember these rules of thumb when entertaining next. Design and travel Looking for some wanderlust fuel for fire (and design inspiration to boot)? Look no further than Paris’ Hotel Henriette, recently overhauled and a true testament to how a little can go a long way with the right eye for paint color and vintage furnishings.

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