Have a Well-Crafted Week: February 21, 2016

Have a Well-Crafted Week

Craving a more ergonomic solution to your sitting desk, but don’t want to dent your debit card? Here’s your $25 solution. This fun, interactive infographic reveals surprising details about the hour-by-hour breakdown of how modern creatives spend their days. These free, downloadable posters from NASA are stunning feats in color and design. If you need a serious mood boost or simply enjoy laughing until you cry, this clip is for you. A cocktail in a dessert? A dessert in a cocktail? We’re undecided, but either way, we’re making this at our next dinner party. This New Yorker humor piece will surely emit a giggle from anyone who can relate to experiencing modern neurosis. Here’s an attitude on aging we can get on board of, courtesy of Jane Fonda. Main image courtesy of NASA

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