Happy birthday, Taurus!

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April 20 – May 20 Characteristics of the bull sign Reliable, knowledgeable and with impeccable taste, the appeal of Taurus babies is not hard to see. Excellent at seeking out lucrative opportunities that often reap payoff, it’s a good thing the Taurus has their finances in check as they’ll need deep pockets to satisfy their desire to surround themselves with the finer things in life. As the bull sign, the Taurus is physically strong and mentally sharp. Other signs will want to think twice before crossing them – they always know how to butt heads and come out on top. Stable and conservative, their love for the status quo and distaste for change can often come across as stubborn and narrow-minded to the point of fault. Keep the Taureans in your life close, though – as an earth sign, they demonstrate fierce commitment and unwavering loyalty to those they love. Horoscope 2016 is a year of change for Taureans, especially in the realms of love and creativity. Although Saturn is in the Eighth House of intimacy, love, not sex, will take center stage in your affectionate endeavors. Your current or future romantic partner, regardless of the stage of commitment you’re in with them, will challenge you in ways that will open your eyes to new methods of seeing the world on a deeply philosophical level. Changes like this one will be met head on and with open arms – not only are you ready for change, you relish it. April and May will bring new people into your life, the types of individuals that you will form strong bonds with and whose relationships you will benefit from on a professional level. By August and September, the changes you have embraced will be put into perspective and you will utilize these learnings for personal betterment. Do things at your own speed and only make these adjustments once you are comfortable that in doing so will be putting your best foot forward.   What to get the Taurus sign, the curator of fine things 1. Constellation necklace by Océanne Customize this coin-shaped necklace with the Taurus constellation for something that is all their own. d2bb5e37917c2f0c4bd3bb12e4b51020 2. Small suede pouch by Flowie Style  Stylish storage for precious possessions.  7b2a436a0da141e899af8f1a51cd1a78 3. Tub truffle gift set by CeeCee & Bee Made with cocoa butter, silky kaolin clay and essential oils, each bonafide treat will turn bath time into a veritable spa-quality experience. 90952584776cce4670f15afd999cfa8f   Taurus the Bull Print in main image courtesy of BRIKA Maker Lisa Chow.

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