Happy birthday, Leo!


July 24 – August 23 Characteristics of the lion sign Known as the children of the Zodiac, people born under the Leo sign have outgoing, fun-loving personalities – they feel at ease in social situations and as such, others are naturally drawn to them. Their passion, positivity and generosity make Leos hard to resist, both as a friend and a romantic partner; as a fire sign, they love new experiences, living in the moment and being the center of attention. Their confidence and compulsion to be admired, however, can oftentimes be interpreted as arrogant and ignorant, especially when their own needs and wants take precedence over others. At their worst, Leos can be stubborn and lazy when their king/queen of the jungle status (as the lion sign, after all) leads them to expect others to clean up after them. That being said, Leos’ fun-loving, cheerful dispositions make it easy to forget their setbacks, especially given their ability to unite people from different social groups in the name of having a fun time. 2016 horoscope Money is the name of the game for your year, Leo, where you will find yourself reaping lucrative benefits from a long-term investment, or as the product of your hard work in the professional realm. You deserve to bask in your success, but don’t let your excitement cloud your judgment for too long – put away the majority of your hard-earned dollars for safekeeping, as financial success of this level only happens every so often, if you’re lucky. If you found July to be a quiet month – which often equates to feeling bored for fun-loving Leos – the pace of your personal and professional life will pick up in the fall, especially in your romantic life. A passionate affair will ignite your September, where all preconceptions of what you envision in a romantic partner will fall by the wayside. It may not be the recipe for long-term success, but that won’t matter – you’ll go forth with your heart firmly on your sleeve with the confidence that an experience like this one will be well worth any potential consequences.   Leo the lion print, $30, in main image courtesy of BRIKA Maker Lisa Chow.  

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