Happy birthday, Cancer!


  June 22 – July 23 Characteristics of the crab sign As the Cancer’s ruler, the Moon’s waxing and waning with the changing tides means those born under the Cancer sign are defined by their tendency to (sometimes unfairly) be depicted as moody. Despite this signature characteristic, Cancers are warmhearted, family-oriented homebodies. With an acute sense of attachment to the friends and family they surround themselves with, Cancers are loyal, emotional and sensitive to others. With an ability to tap into their own emotions and empathize with pain and suffering, Cancers are social creatures through and through who love nothing more than forging new bonds or a deep chat with an old friend. As Cancers are happiest when they are creating or sharing their creations with others, they tend to have a strong artistic force and take great pleasure in turning their passion into what they do. Diligent workers through and through, forging an entrepreneurial endeavor comes more easily to them than others, as they are able to stay on task and focus on what’s important. 2016 horoscope The remainder of 2016 could go entirely your way, Cancer, if you play your cards right. Turn on the people-pleasing charm you’re known for and utilize your social connections to ask for help – you’ll find that people are much more willing to give it than you may think. As somebody who considers your home a sacred sanctuary, this arena will be transformed – whether you choose to embark on a minor home DIY project, move in with someone new, or change houses entirely. Although Cancers don’t like disruption and prefer the security of constants (much like the hard shell of your horoscope animal, the crab), change will only take place relative to how much insecurity you can tolerate. If you make sure you go at your own pace and are honest about how you’re feeling with others, you won’t subject yourself to any changes you don’t feel comfortable with. Although a big shift in your home, professional or personal life may be an intimidating notion at first, have faith that things will turn out for the best. Listen to the advice of your friends and family, but most importantly, listen to yourself. Use the fact that you are acutely in tune with your own emotions to your advantage, and everything will pan out for the better. Cancer the crab print, $30, in main image courtesy of BRIKA Maker Lisa Chow. Cancer signs may also like: d2bb5e37917c2f0c4bd3bb12e4b51020 Cancer constellation necklace, $36, Océanne   5c224b7605da268a92499491c0e8e50b Zodiac pendant necklace, $30, Sora Designs

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