Happy birthday, Aries!


March 21 - April 20 Characteristics of the ram sign As the first sign in the zodiac, those born under the Aries sign will always aim to be first in all facets of life. Fiercely independent, energetic and dynamic, Aries signs exhibit all the qualities of a natural-born leader. As a fire sign, it is in Aries’ nature to take control of situations and forge toward the course of action they best see fit. This can get the active Aries into trouble, however, as their initiative can easily fall prey to impulsivity and they end up saying or doing things they later regret. In addition, they can easily become impatient with those who can’t keep up with their lightning bolt pace – coupled with their short temper, the ram sign can have a tendency to butt heads with others. Despite these setbacks, their enthusiasm, optimism and courage make for attractive qualities as both a friend and lover, and if you’re lucky enough to have an Aries in your life, their fire is bright enough to blaze the way for the both of you. Horoscope 2016 could be a big year for you, Aries, if you play your cards right. It will require effort and careful planning to take charge of your public image and shine in your professional life, but, like in other facets of your life, you’re up to the challenge. Make sure you take the time you need to perfect your technique and figure out the best course of action before charging full speed ahead, as you tend to do. Your patience will reap the rewards when your positive approach overcomes any difficulties you may face. Look to your friends and mentors for insight about yourself and advice as to how best to proceed. You have more staying power than most, but resist the urge to overexert yourself in order to stay focused on your goals and ultimately, set yourself up for success. Aries the Ram Print in main image courtesy of BRIKA Maker Lisa Chow.

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