Handpicked: 9 essential objects for a more mindful home


Main image courtesy of BRIKA Maker Melanie Abrantes

Design your best life in the space you call home with these nine goods that will delight and inspire. 1. Anthracite + Magenta Mobilhome A stylish home for your phone designed to foster real, person-to-person connection. Hangs on knobs and hooks, and has a slit in the back for easy plug-in. 59f8d9d4f26a79b63ab95dbf933ed201 2. Lemon Cedar Goat Milk Soap Nothing says mindful home like a bar of luxe soap. Made exclusively for BRIKA, this Goat Milk Soap is handmade on a Santa Cruz farm with milk from Swiss Alpine goats and organic olive oil. 045d1077bad3560a0924932cbc7d270c 3. Cork Planter Breathe life into your home with greenery. Cork is naturally porous, making this planter ideal for housing succulents and cacti. 27be835d91b66af1fd8fa9d9dfca5899 4. Birch Candle Holders Elevate your tea lights with these adorable birch tree candleholders. Great for bringing a taste of the outdoors inside. 28f6b24df20eb04c8f37d7cad3a90f7c 5. Great Gatsby Loose Leaf Tea A welcome addition to your kitchen pantry, this tea is inspired by a contemporary classic. Designed to taste like lemon cakes and luxury, the blend of lemon and lavender green tea is soothing and refreshing. 6b378452488ec2491df6fc82d24b166d 6. Soho Towel This luxurious Turkish towel is highly absorbent and soft to touch. House this on your bed, keep it in your bathroom or bring it to the beach – the Soho Towel’s beauty lies in its versatility. 8aecb72d6a3c608fd4221a5ae1bb5428 7. Lavender Slumber Tub Tea Keep this set of two sachets on hand for a sumptuous bathing experience for you or your guests. The combination of lavender, chamomile and Epsom salts make this an essential part of a before-bedtime bath ritual. a7c78882d8da2689e94e5786a1797547 8. Good Vibes Eye Soother Made of flaxseed and naturally healing French lavender, stick this Eye Soother in the freezer as an antidote to tired, puffy eyes or tension headaches. 5bfa05617ae42acdfe843976621b6556 9. Seeing Wonderful Things Print Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that matter, and only one way to say it. f3b9a04b298e1918532f4c08b5b83b30    

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