Handpicked: 8 Saint Patrick’s Day-themed gifts to make you green with envy


Whether or not you play into the Saint Patrick’s Day folklore (or the celebratory drinking that goes hand-in-hand with the holiday), these green and luck-inspired product picks are ideal year-round. 1. Horseshoe necklace Don’t leave luck up to chance! Not that you could with a necklace this cute. ce7ceec5dd0d5e114d20873fcb13d367 2. Green loops + balls bracelet This eye-catching bracelet, made of a hand-dyed Japanese cotton cord, is the perfect shade of green. 2fc6517dd27a893c89e84b3ecfaf9c03 3. "Create your own luck" print Cute typography and an inspiring message make for a great wall addition. c6975180dbf0ea7d0ca10687263ec84a 4. Pattern pieces coasters These cute and catchy coasters feature hand-drawn patterns and are great for housing steins of Guinness. 23e1073d0388a8845c1b46e4b3ecf9ee 5. Horseshoe pillow This handmade organic pillow and its universally appealing good luck motif make a winning combination. f9ceb145ad98487e0f3c51d8ce5f9e86 6. Cactus phone case In the world of botany and design, succulents are having a moment – and with a phone case this adorable, we can see why. f6d92bff9ed603928a59bfc0ea6a8be9 7. Wishbone necklace Over and above the good luck associated with getting the long portion of the wishbone, the pretty shape in itself is flattering to any neckline. 7db1fb8bb6e3c7c1b5d52eb52ccac4d3 8. Artichoke tea towel Over and above their tasty snack status, the artichoke silhouette makes for a pretty pattern, as exemplified by this tea towel. bc3dce3d1680d8dd035655038b07e942

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    wow, all these are great items to gift on holy day.

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