Getting Through the Daily Grind


At BRIKA, we are fascinated by the habits of creative people. Creative people, like the talented Makers we work with, often have daily routines that are more fluid and purposefully designed versus structured and rigid (and boring!). Yet everyone has their own priorities and activities that bring purpose and passion to each day. We love to hear about what our Makers do everyday without fail. Common themes include taking time to connect with themselves, families and pets, pushing themselves creatively, and oh yeah, consuming caffeine. We concur! I say thanks. It could be thanks for something tiny or something major but I try not to take things for granted. —Helen Peterson, Cloth & Ink I practice 30 minutes of yoga every morning — it grounds me. Nogah Rotstein, Tilly Doro Sun salutations, walk my precious pups, and drink tea. —Jessica Lee, Willow Knows, Read goodnight stories with my daughters. Also, coffee.  —Tracy Locke Castro, Fair Morning Blue I think about yesterday and make improvements for tomorrow. And walk the dog, a corgi named Homer.  —Tielor McBride, TM1985 I drink green tea. every. single. day. I also try my best to do something active for at least one hour every day. Helps me start the day right! —Annah Chakola, Boho Gypsy “Laugh out loud every day” are words to live by. Oh, and my checklist of course!  —Starlet Susilo, Meridien 110 I always take time to give my brain a rest. That could be by watching TV, reading or taking a warm, relaxing bath. —Mickey Cho, Fabled Soap Co. How do you get through the daily grind? Did you like this story? You’ll probably like these as well!
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