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Contributed By: Christine Dore of Hazel & Magnolia

Unless you quite literally live under a rock, and your décor consists mostly of moss, you've probably seen the woven tapestry trend sweeping your favorite interior design and craft blogs. These handcrafted lovelies add a texture, warmth, and color to your home in a unique way—no wonder they've come back in style! Love the look of this trend, but don't want to shell out the big bucks for a handwoven piece? Or want to specially customize your weaving to your home's color scheme? Follow the steps below to easily, and cheaply, make your own loom and get weaving.

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Materials: - 10" x 12" wooden board - ruler - pencil - 16 1-inch nails, preferably coated - hammer

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Step 1: Mark a point in each corner, one inch in from each edge. Step 2: Draw horizontal lines to connect the points on the bottom edge of your loom. Step 3: Repeat along the top edge of your loom. Step 4: Mark the placement for the nails along each line at half-inch intervals. image (3) Step 5: Hammer each nail into the half-inch-spaced marks along each line. These nails will serve as the pegs of your loom, and will anchor your weaving. Optional: Sand down any sharp edges with fine grit sandpaper as needed. image (4)green yellow tan wall hanging 2

pink green weaving

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- Christine Dore is an editor and writer, specializing in creative nonfiction. Off-duty, she loves everything DIY and recently launched Hazel & Magnolia, her social enterprise brand of handcrafted home goods that give back to the worldwide crafting community. Visit her website to follow her creative pursuits!

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