Covet Garden: Indigo Aura



This month Covet Garden is thrilled to be able to bring you inside the home of hand-to-god professional museum curator Alexandra. While were expecting her to have great things in her home, we were heartened to learn that what attracts her to an object is not necessarily a big name maker or rarity but rather shapes, patterns, textures and stories that spark her imagination.


Alexandra’s specialty is costume and textile, and she had many stories to share about her own collection of fabrics. Amongst our favourites were hand woven Kente cloth and printed batiks from Africa, as well as many examples of small production pottery by post-war British designers and Canadian ceramicists.


It’s an eclectic mix for sure, but everything feels united by the fact that there’s a tale behind each piece and that while much loved, Alexandra doesn’t treat her at-home treasures like museum pieces. They are woven into the fabric of her life.


Another way to pull a space together is with palette. Inspired by the spirit of Alexandra’s space (and one of our own favourite forms of textile decoration), we’ve pulled together beautiful blue indigo hued fabrics and accessories to give your domicile a cool and collected aura.


1. Peacock Shibori Pillow Cover 2. Day Tote 3. Big Spotty Cocktail Napkin 4. Blue + White Dyed Clutch 5. Royal Blue Hexagon Earrings

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