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About Covet Garden: The online décor and lifestyle magazine is based out of Toronto and founded by Lynda Felton, Jessica Reid and Rhonda Riche. Just as BRIKA features the work of authentic Makers, Covet Garden also strives to celebrate modern creativity and the belief that our lives are as beautiful as we wish to make them. They  guest-blog for us each month.

In last three-plus years Covet Garden has been peeking into the homes of Toronto’s most creative people. Along the way, we’ve made note of certain patterns that emerge—timeless touches that seem to energize any space.

Some seem quite obvious—does everybody own an Eames chair? Others charm their way into our psyche more subtly. For example, in this month’s issue, we feature the space of fashion designer Joyce, production designer Rocco and their kids Wiley and Sally. Two of the things that knocked us out about their home was their use of a pastel palette and patterns. Overall, their rooms are open and the lines are clean, but they use hits of softly saturated colour and geometric shapes to really inject personality into the space.


In the dining room for example, the space is dominated by warm woods and neutral walls. But the stripey sticks and colourful frames infuse a soothing space with a little bit of vigor.


In the kitchen and bath, colour is the main focus. In these rooms, shapes provide solace. In the bathroom, a grid of tiles suggests a spa-like atmosphere. In the kitchen, the curves of retro ceramics provide gentle contrast.


We also love that they have so many handmade objects in their home. For spring, it would be great to revive your space with any of these well-crafted objects (inspired by Joyce and Rocco’s love of subdued hues and graphic lines).


1. Fjord Spring Necklace, $30

2. Multicolored Arcade Coasters (set of 4), $25

3. Paint Chip Placemats (set of 4), $64

4. Striped Tall Vase, $178

5. Dash Print Infinity Scarf, $95

6. Light Blue Chevron iPad Case, $70

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