BRIKA's best: 21 spring cleaning tips to start the new season afresh

BRIKA's best cleaning life hacks spring tips

We’ve amassed some of our favorite cleaning hacks to get your spring started on the right (read: clean) foot.
  1. Use white vinegar to remove water spots and fingerprints from your faucet, then rub with wax paper to prevent further deposits.
  2. Place old newspaper at the bottom of your kitchen garbage bag to absorb liquid and prevent leaks.
  3. Clean your vacuum cleaner by putting it through the dishwasher (remove all other dishes first!).
  4. Buff steel appliances using a sponge, cream of tartar, and a couple drops of water.
  5. Rub a dry shower squeegee across your rug to draw hair out. Discard clumps as they form.
  6. Give your kitchen sink a thorough clean using household products you already have with this DIY.
  7. Spritz a vodka-filled spray bottle on your mattress and pillows when changing the sheets for a fast-absorbing, odorless disinfectant. Add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil to add fragrance.
  8. Use an old sock to clean Venetian blinds using a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water.
  9. Use a toothbrush and non-gel toothpaste that contains baking soda to gently rub off crayon marks on your walls.
  10. Clean off kitchen cabinet grime with a mixture of one part vegetable oil, two parts baking soda and a toothbrush.
  11. Before you clean your bathroom, fill your tub with a few inches of water from your faucet’s hottest setting. Setting your bathroom temp to 10 degrees above normal doubles the effectiveness of antibacterial cleaners.
  12. Shave paint off clothing by using a disposable razor.
  13. Stick a fork in half a white onion and rub it over your barbeque grates to clean blackened gunk and add extra flavor to your next BBQ dish.
  14. Bleach your stained Tupperware containers by leaving them in the sun for eight hours after washing.
  15. Buff leather furniture with shoe polish for high-impact shine.
  16. Rub chalk over clothing to absorb grease stains.
  17. Clean your blender by filling it halfway with water, adding a couple drops of dish soap and blending for 10 seconds.
  18. Place a couple lemon halves in a glass measuring cup or dish with water. Microwave until the water boils and let the vapor sit and steam your microwave. Gunk can then be wiped away easily with a paper towel.
  19. Take your used dryer sheets to wipe down anything that needs a refresh – screens, shelves, baseboards. The anti-static chemicals will work to repel future dust.
  20. Broken glass? Press a slice of white bread over the floor to pick up shards.
  21. Follow the lead of Japanese decluttering guru Marie Kondo: when tackling your belongings on the spring cleaning front, tackle clutter by category first (e.g. clothing), not room, this way the process will be streamlined and you'll be able to rein in the clutter more easily.

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