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Chelsea Costa is a culture-carrier of one of BRIKA's core values: It's the small things that make up a beautiful life. She lives in California with her husband and documents all the inspiring things she encounters on her blog, Lovely Indeed. As a singer and an actor, she's also a musical theater performer — truly a multi-talented lady! She shares some of her favorite BRIKA House+Home picks with us in our BRIKA Tastemaker column. My husband and I love to surround ourselves with special things. Our home is full of things that we've made for each other, art that we've picked up traveling and pieces that represent the history of both of our families. Needless to say, when we need something for our home, we're not running out to the closest big-box store and choosing something from the shelves. Not that there's anything wrong with that (I love Target as much as the next girl), but for us, it's so much more special to be surrounded by the unique, the special, and certainly the handmade, which is why I love looking around BRIKA.
[caption id="attachment_912" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Chelsea Coast from Lovely Indeed Chelsea Costa's BRIKA picks for her living room.[/caption]
We recently moved into a new apartment and there are still a few holes here and there in our styling. But looking through all of the beautiful maker pages, I found some pieces that would fit into our home perfectly. I can just see those gorgeous coasters from Matt Voight on our coffee table, waiting for friends to come over and share a drink or two. Bethany and Jenna Mallett's bee pillow would fit right in on our sofa. And Betsy Olmsted's tree print next to Emily Ley's grace print would fill out our gallery wall perfectly. That's what makes BRIKA so special! Makers creating for people like me, who love special things with a strong story behind them. And each story, each unique item, fills a space with more than just its face value. It makes a house a home. xoxo Chelsea Did you like this story? You’ll probably like these too!
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