BRIKA Maker & Big Dreamer: Emily Ley


Emily Ley is a mom, a wife, an entrepreneur and featured BRIKA maker. Like BRIKA, she believes everyone has to power to shape their own destiny. This is the story of how she created hers.  When I first discovered BRIKA, I fell in love with their idea of living “A Well-Crafted Life." That's what it's all about. I remember years ago, after earning a fancy graduate degree in non-profit administration, sitting behind a big brown desk at a corporate job feeling very empty. I craved a life that focused on what mattered most. I desired to be more as a wife, a businesswoman and "someday" a mom. From there, my little self-titled brand “Emily Ley” was born. And on the day of "the tipping point," when I left that fancy corporate job to live the life I'd dreamed of, two little pink lines told me my life was about to get a whole lot sweeter. Becoming a mama took my brand to an entirely different level. Suddenly, I was busier than ever and my heart was bursting at the seams more than ever before. I made girlfriends who were just like me and craved two things: joy and simplicity. I saw these aching needs and decided to put my talents to work to help women craft lives that were meaningfullives that helped them focus on their treasures. It wasn't just about pretty paper anymore — creating pretty birthday invitations became about building meaningful celebrations. Beautiful iPhone cases became important so women would flip that phone face down (to show off that pretty case!) and ignore that screen. And most significantly, our Simplified Planner™ was created to help busy women, managing business, home, families and LIFE do it all and do it all WELL. Living a well-crafted life truly is about connecting your passion with your purpose. It's about focusing on what matters. That's when all your hats suddenly fit seamlessly on your head. - Emily Ley

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