BRIKA Inspiration: You Are Creative. Yes, You!


How do you express your creativity? In what ways? How meaningfully? Have you found your calling? These are questions I have grappled with for many years. When I was applying to college and deeply dedicated to playing my cello, I remember writing an essay that started with the quote from the legendary cellist Pablo Casals, “Music is something to be approached with integrity, not something to be turned on and off like tap water…” Music — my creative outlet at the time — was all or nothing for me. After countless hours sitting on a chair doing finger gymnastics, I basically gave up playing the cello cold-turkey at the age of 26, and I eventually turned towards the business world. Since then, I have constantly searched for outlets to think outside the box and to exercise (validate?) my creativity. Whether it’s volunteering my time with arts organizations, trolling the 100+ lifestyle blogs on my Google Reader, baking a Thomas the Tank Engine cake from scratch for my son’s 2nd birthday (um, TOTAL disaster) or even shopping online to find the perfect accessory to go with a special outfit (Yes! Shopping as a creative act!), I find these things keep me connected to a part of me that exists beyond being a “cubicle-dweller” wearing a Theory suit… [caption id="attachment_293" align="aligncenter" width="269"] Aksel definitely did not recognize who the cake resembled and it's his favorite character![/caption] I have so many friends who are corporate lawyers/management consultants/investment bankers and who are also amazingly talented bloggers, photographers, painters, jewelry designers, furniture makers, interior designers and screenwriters. All of these women are expressing their creativity to some degree — whether they ultimately take the “leap” to pursue their passions full time or not. I’ve finally learned you can actually turn the faucet on and off and still approach things with integrity! At BRIKA, we believe that all people have a creative spark and are empowered to discover the beauty of creativity — in their world and within themselves. We want to know, how do YOU ignite your creative fire?

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  • Stacey at The Sunday Sparkle on

    I love this post! Well said! Great thing you gals are doing!!

  • Colleen / Inspired to Share on

    Such a beautiful, empowering post!

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