BRIKA DIY: Framed Jewelry Display


It's time for spring cleaning, and that means purging and organizing. This jewelry holder was inexpensive and easy to make, plus it's as pretty as it is functional. Happy crafting!     - Maddie Supplies:
  • an old frame (try the dollar store or thrift shop)
  • colorful spray paint
  • wire
  • screws
Step 1: Create your wire “crossbars” where the jewelry will hang. They need to be strong enough to hold your heaviest jewelry. Twist or braid multiple pieces together to create spaces for earrings. Step 2: Separate the frame from the the backing and glass and place on a garbage bag. Spray paint until the colour is solid. Tip: Do this outside! Step 4: Once the frame is dry, screw the the wires to the back. Use pliers to make sure the ends are wrapped tightly around the screws so that they are taut, and cut off anything that sticks out. Make as many crossbars as you think you need. Step 5: Hang the frame on your wall and organize your jewelry! Start with smaller pieces to see how much weight it will hold. Did you like this story? You’ll probably like these as well!
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