BRIKA DIY: Colorful Cords


The hazy days of summer make us nostalgic for those carefree days of our youth when our greatest accomplishment was making piles of friendships bracelets for all of our BFFs. Times have changed, however, and now we find ourselves using our knotting skills for other projects — like turning chargers and cords into colorful accessories. Our Merchandising Coordinator, Jen, tackled this DIY to turn her iPhone charger into a work of art.

  • colorful embroidery floss
  • a phone charger or USB cord to wrap
  • a clipboard
Step 1: Secure your cord to a clipboard so it's easier to wrap. Step 2: Select as many colors of embroidery floss as you want to use and measure out pieces four times the length of the cord. Step 3: Tie the floss onto one end of your cord. Step 4: Start knotting (this one features the good old chinese staircase). Step 5: Secure the wrap with a double knot at the end. Tips: You could also wrap your earbuds to give them a bit of color, and if knotting is too time consuming, just wrap the cord instead! Did you like this story? You’ll probably like these as well!
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