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When we heard about Brooklyn Craft Camp, a one-day DIY vacation filled with four 90-minute craft classes (= four finished projects), we immediately reached out to Brett Bara. We had to hear more about what inspired her to drum up something so incredibly creative and down-right amazing. Taking place this Saturday, March 16th in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Craft Camp is undoubtedly going to be a day that goes down in history! Brett was kind enough to answer a few burning BRIKA questions we had for her. Enjoy! - Jen

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What inspired you to start Brooklyn Craft Camp? It's always amazed me how whenever I meet someone new here in NYC and I tell them what I do for a living, so many people respond by saying, "Oh I've always wanted to learn to knit/sew/craft/whatever, but I just don't know where to start and I really don't have the time." Meanwhile, I know that these skills really aren't difficult to learn, and you actually don't need a ton of time to do them. So, I had the idea to try to connect more people with crafting in a fun, accessible way.

Living in Brooklyn, obviously this is one of the epicenters of the DIY movement, so I just knew it would be a natural fit to combine all the amazing craft and DIY experts we have here in Brooklyn with people who are seeking a way to add more creativity into their busy urban lives. So, I asked all my favorite NYC-area craft authors and designers to teach classes, then I added great food, good music and cocktails (because obviously those things make everything better!), and I realized I'd sort of created my idea of a perfect day...and Brooklyn Craft Camp was born!

How do you define a Well-Crafted Life? To me a Well-Crafted Life is one where you can put your personal stamp on (almost) everything you do. I love the handmade lifestyle because it allows me to create whatever I want, just as I want it — and to me that trumps commercially produced any day. Whether it's a wool scarf, a throw pillow or a birthday cake, handcrafted is always best!

What advice would you give to someone who aspires to do something creative in their lives? Just go for it. I think so many people are afraid to attempt creative projects because they think they'll get it wrong or make a mistake. I feel that way too sometimes, but the truth is there are no mistakes, and the value is in the process of being creative. So try to let go of worrying about getting it right, and just enjoy the process of flexing your creative muscles.

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