Baby Shower Bonanza


Next weekend, I'll be heading to Boston for a baby shower for one of my best girl friends. I could not be more excited for her, and I wanted to get her a bunch of little gifts that were special, unique and had real meaning. Listen, with two little kidlets of my own, I know how amazingly handy an Exersaucer comes in (and, by the way, all of these items together are nearly the same price as that plastic jungle), but I've left that gift for someone else! - Jen

  1. Cashmere Fur Pom Hat: One for mommy and a matching one for baby.
  2. Assorted Treats Letterpress Cards: She has the sweetest tooth I have ever known!
  3. Blue Rosemary Tote Bag: An easy + simple diaper bag.
  4. Oh Baby Cards: Something to write thank-you's on.
  5. The Gift Register: So much nicer to write down who gave what on a gorgeous pad of paper made just for this purpose!
  6. Pink Pine Sticker Clutch: To hold diapers and wipes on-the-go.
  7. London, Paris & NYC Letterpress Cards: All of the cities she has lived in!
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