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Have you ever worked for a company that has true brand values? It’s not just something you read on paper or see on posters adorning the walls. Every element of the organization—from the business model to the employees—lives and breathes them. What we both found having worked in the corporate world was that these environments were few and far between. When we started dreaming up BRIKA, we had long discussions on what kind of culture we wanted to embody. We had (and continue to have) a lot of these conversations amongst ourselves and with our branding team and partners at Tether. What makes BRIKA unique?  Why would people want to work with us? What can we stand behind day in and day out? Ultimately, we knew we wanted BRIKA to be authentic and genuine in spirit.   We took a stab at putting our thoughts down on paper. So, here goes: Our mission is to inspire women to live a well-crafted life. We believe: •       That we all have the power to determine our own destiny •       That everyone has a creative spark •       That it is the small things that make up a beautiful life •       In modern day crafts becoming tomorrow’s heirlooms •       In sharing what you love with others •       That we can learn from each other •       That inspiration is the engine for growth We embrace the notions of serendipity (it’s how we met!) and good karma (so many people have helped us so far on this journey and we want to return the favour!). These beliefs are at the core of why we started BRIKA.  We'd love to hear what you think. Jen + Kena

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  • Jamy on

    The core of BRIKA is absolutely amazing. I cannot wait to learn more about it. Congratulations on this wonderful venture.

  • kena on

    Hi Naveen,

    Thank you for your note. We can’t wait to share more with you! Our name, BRIKA (pronounced Bree-ka), comes from the word “fabrica” which means factory in Spanish. It is an ironic name because none of the products we will sell will be mass-made or generic. I hope you’ll make the move over to the BRIKA blog now :)

    Take care,

  • Naveen on

    Congrats Jen and Kena!!

    Kena — I’m a huge fan of your blog and have been eagerly awaiting to learn about your new venture and it sounds exciting.

    It’s so great to see when people are able to go after and pursue what they’re truly passionate about.

    Take care and I look forward to learning more.

    PS – what does BRIKA mean??

  • brikaadmin on

    Hi Donalyn,
    Thanks so much for your kind words! We’re so glad that you have been inspired by our story as inspiration lies at the core of who BRIKA is.

    The BRIKA Team

  • Donalyn Sialiano on

    Jen & Kena,
    I love your concept & passion for BRIKA & can’t wait to hear more. I have 2 daughters in college and will be sharing with them how inspiring you both are.

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