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I am really embarassed to admit this, but I JUST got an iPhone — like two weeks ago. I know...where have I been? The moment I took it out of the box I got to work on two things: 1) searching for an awesome case to prevent it from smashing to pieces when I undoubtedly drop it on the floor (I chose this one), and 2) asking our team for cool apps I should download. Here's a list of the team's favorites:

1. Any.Do: "I love that you can prioritize tasks by today, tomorrow, and someday." Price: Free. - Kena, Co-Founder 2. Frontback: This app lets you take a photo with the camera on the front of your phone and the back simultaneously, giving you a cool split-screen image to share with friends. Price: Free. - Raja, CTO 3. VSCO cam: "This photo-editing app is kind of the anti-instagram — instead of boosting and over-saturating colors, this one fades images for a beautiful vintage feel (and of course you can then upload them to instagram to share)." Price: Free. - Maddie, Social Media/Web Coordinator 4. TuneIn Radio: "I love to listen to a variety of music, and with Tunein Radio, you can stream music from around the world!" Price: Free. - Jen S., Assistant Merchandising Manager 5. Splitwise: This app is handy for splitting bills with large groups of people, and it even keeps track of who owes you money, and who you owe money to. It's also a great budgeting tool. Price: Free. - Akanksha, Business & Operations Analyst 6. Map my Run. This app calculates how far you run (or walk or hike), plus counts calories, making it the perfect workout companion. Price: Free (or upgrade to Map my Run+ for $2.99). - Lori, Editor


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