Anabela's DIY Project #4: Holiday Wrap Re-use


Anabela writes a delightful blog called Fieldguided and runs a small accessories company with her husband Geoff. They have two cats, Oreo and Pony. Every week Anabela shares a new DIY discovery to help us get a little craftier. [caption id="attachment_854" align="aligncenter" width="512"] A wrapping paper garland: an oldie but a goodie![/caption] When the presents have all been unwrapped, don't throw that wrapping paper away! It can be used in any number of DIY projects. To get the wrinkles out of your paper, simply iron it on a low temperature. You can save it to reuse it later, or incorporate it into a few of these projects in no time at all. 1. Chain Garland: Cut strips out of the recently unwrapped wrapping paper and tape them into a chain. This project is so easy and fun! 2. Napkin Rings: Cut two strips, tape them in the back with double-sided tape, and cut a slit through the strip on the bottom. Pull the top strip through, and you have some cute napkin rings ready for Christmas dinner. [caption id="attachment_855" align="aligncenter" width="512"] The perfect pre-dinner project![/caption] 3. Decorative Tray: Cut your paper to size, and lightly spritz the back of the paper with water to dampen it a little. Using a brush, apply a layer of decoupage glue to the tray. Place the paper on the glue and roll a brayer over top to get out the bubbles and wrinkles. Apply another layer of decoupage glue over top, and you have a fancy tray for serving all your party drinks. (Check out this other fab festive tray by Pencil Shavings Studio!)

4. Custom Crackers: This is a fun way to create your own crackers to pop before dinner. Usually store-bought crackers contain things no one really wants (except for those adorable tissue-paper crowns!), but if you make your own, you can fill your cracker with organic candy, age-appropriate toys, secret messages, fun messy items such as glitter or confetti, or any tiny treats you like. [caption id="attachment_858" align="aligncenter" width="512"] So much more special when you make them yourself![/caption] To make the crackers, roll a piece of cardstock into a tube. Insert your cracker fillings as well as a snap (you can purchase snaps at craft supply stores or online). Wrap a piece of wrapping paper around the tube making sure to leave a few inches of paper longer at each side. Tape down the paper and add ribbons at each end of the tube on the outside.

Ta-da! With all these great BRIKA-approved crafts, you'll never fill your recycling bin with wrinkled wrapping paper ever again. Did you like this story? You'll probably like these too!
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