A Day at Alt Summit NYC


Last Thursday, I was so honored to be a part of AltSummit NYC. Held at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, it was an unbelievable event — the line up of speakers (hello, Martha, Garance Dore, Grace Bonney), the food, the decor and the energy from all the attendees was amazing. I have to give Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom a huge amount of kudos. Her and her team have really come up with something quite special and at a scale that really makes meaning.

All photography was sponsored by atly.

My little part in all of this was that I had the opportunity to talk about BRIKA and Storytelling. Here were the highlights:
  • We deeply believe in the power, network effects and value of storytelling
  • Storytelling is something that our entire business is built upon. It started with the story of how Kena and I initially met (read about it here and here).
  • We wanted to build something that had and made meaning. That meaning is to tell the original stories of our talented, passionate and inspiring makers.
  • Products have an incredible amount of qualitative and quantitative value when they are set in context, and consumers, more often than not, care about where things come from, how they are made and who made them.
  • An unbelievable example of the quantifiable value of storytelling is the Significant Objects project. Items on eBay that were originally $1.25 became valuable objects for hundreds and thousands of dollars when they had stories written about them.
  • All of BRIKA's makers have fascinating and inspiring stories to tell, and it has been awesome getting to know each and every single one of them and teasing out their stories.
I had a blast meeting so many amazing people that day, and I truly left inspired! 
  How do you tell YOUR story? Answer these three questions: 1. What are you passionate about? 2. What inspires you? 3. What have you learned along the way?

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