A Creative Exercise


(Top row from left to right) Alison Harnick, Aimee Santos of SwellmaydeT Ngu of Upper Metal ClassShana FraseSatsuki ShibuyaVictoria Vu of Paper and TypeJennifer ChongMelinda Trembley of Rincon RoadDiane Bald of Roots, Valerie (Bottom row from left to right) Kena of BRIKAAshleigh DempsterPamela Foeckler of Totem Color BlocksSol of Sol del SurPeggy Wong of Blue Pool RoadJessica ComingoreJen of BRIKASarah Yates of A House in the Hills

Last Thursday, Kena and I brought together an incredible group of creatives, tastemakers and BRIKA Makers to enjoy an afternoon of getting to know us and each other in Malibu, CA. The theme of the lunch was "How do you live A Well-Crafted Life?"

After a super fun group DIY project led by Aimee Santos of Swellmayde (more on that DIY to come in another blog post!), we asked everyone around the table to write down how they all live A Well-Crafted Life. We collected and then redistributed the answers and read them aloud around the table. Here is what we came up with. - Jen

Here are some other great responses to the question, "How do you live A Well-Crafted Life? "Always remembering to have time to play." "By being conscious of the details." "Forever exploring and seeking new adventures." "Being conscious about decisions I make every day." "Simply, happy, organically and surrounded by family." "Taking moments to create and design, and sharing it with the world." "I love to give handmade gifts to the ones I love." "Carefully curating everything from my dishwares, to my flatware, to my laundry basket."

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