7 Creative Ways to Decorate with Books


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The contents of bookshelves are a reflection of you and your family - your interests, hobbies, inspirations and memories.  They are also the perfect opportunity to add an intensely personal touch to your home in a beautiful way.  It is our dream at BRIKA to have a full library one day - complete with a crackling fireplace and a ladder on castors!

Here are 7 easy, creative tips for decorating and organizing bookshelves. We'd love to hear your ideas!

1. Make it Personal: Break up a line of books with framed photographs and objects that mean something to you.  On my shelf I have a framed photo of my Dad when he first got off the plane from India in California, a mini brass fan I picked up on my last trip to India and a shell I found on the beach during my honeymoon.

2. Stack them Up: Use horizontally stacked books as a bookend to a line of vertically stacked books.  Mix it up to create interest.

3. Color Combo: Choose a colour or two to pop from your bookcase, whether they come from the books themselves, or from personal momentos.

4. Balancing Game: Create balance, but don't worry about symmetry.  A bookshelf should be unpredictable and fun to explore, so don't worry about lining everything up perfectly on each shelf.

5. Organize in groups: Organize books from tallest to shortest, hardcovers, softcovers, paperbacks grouped together to create a cleaner look.

6.  Add art prints: Lean a framed print against the shelf for visual interest or for daily inspiration.

7. Remove the book jackets. We love the look of hardcover books without the fancy, glossy jackets. When you hold a naked book in your hands it reminds you that people have been holding and reading books in this format for centuries!

- Kena Paranjape, Co-Founder & Crafter of Brand, BRIKA

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