6 Ways to Get Creative on your Commute


It's easy to dread the daily commute, but instead of thinking of the time spent on a bus, train, subway or in the car as wasted, why not make the most of it? Here are 6 easy ways to get creative: book

1. Learn something. Load up your iPod or phone with podcasts. There's something for everyone: pop culture, economics, try learning a new language, or listen to lectures from an entire university course with iTunes U. This is great if you're driving long distances.

2. Write, Draw + Doodle. If you take public transportation, keep a notebook and pen handy. Even if you're not feeling particularly creative, force yourself to put pen to paper, even if you're just doodling. Try word association games, or observe other passengers and write a story about them. You never know where your train of thought will take you!

3. Daydream. Next time you're on the bus or train, put away your phone and laptop, plug in your headphones, close your eyes and relax—how often do we get the chance to do that? Plus, the solutions to problems often arise when your mind wanders off.

4. Do something with your hands. Take up a new skill like knitting, sketching, or jewelry making.

5. Plan to get creative later. If you'd rather get work done on your commute, take a few minutes to plan creative outlets for another time (our Makers say it's important to schedule time for creativity). Research events and programs like cooking classes, art lessons, or dance lessons, or find out where you can get an easel and paint in your neighbourhood. Write it down as a personal commitment—it will give you something to look forward to.

6. Download a few good apps. Try Glitche to create cool digital art, make word art with Type Drawing, or write on a virtual typewriter with Hanx Writer.

What are your ideas for making the most of your commute?

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  • Wendy Woods :: Personal Style Coach on

    I love this post! Such fun ideas, thanks!

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