6 Reasons to Ride a Bike


I've had a bike for years now. My husband gave it to me for a birthday when we lived in San Francisco. I used it a few times, to bike along the bay and across the golden gate bridge. It was very fun, but was more of a weekend pastime than a mode of transportation (have you seen the hills in San Francisco??!!). Now I use my bike in Toronto to run a few errands, and suddenly, my eyes are open to the real beauty of a bike.


Here are six reasons why I am now in love:

  1. In the city, you get around faster on a bike than in a car or on the subway
  2. You get plenty of fresh air
  3. It's good for the environment
  4. You join a community of people navigating the roads on bicycles
  5. It's an efficient mode of exercise (efficient because you are going somewhere anyway)
  6. It is the cheapest mode of transportation — no subway fare, no parking fees

If you have considered buying a bike, or own one and have only used it infrequently, pull it out, dust it off, tune it up and use it to run your errandsride to work, or head off to meet friends for dinner. A few other essentials:

  • PLEASE wear a helmet.  It is not yet a law everywhere, but why wouldn't you?  If an unfortunate accident happens, you don't want to regret making such a simple choice.
  • Avoid helmet head by making sure your hair is totally dry before putting on your helmet. The minute you get to your destination, whip off your helmet and fluff up your hair.
  • Buy a really good lock. Don't cheap out unless you are looking for a reason to buy a new bike.

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