5 Ways To Have A Well-Crafted Weekend: Olympic Edition



Are you watching the opening ceremonies right now? Have you heard of half of these countries? I am so excited to be glued to my TV over the next two weeks!

The Olympics have always had a very special place in my heart. Whether it's the summer or winter games, I am a sucker for the blood, sweat and tears involved in what I believe is a demonstration of one of the purest forms of athleticism.

When I was growing up, the games only happened every four years, and then in 1992, it all changed. Albertville was followed by Lillehammer in just two short years. Who can forget Tonya's attack on Nancy? Or Oksana Baiul? Or Dan Jansen's comeback skate after losing his sister during the previous olympics? Or...the Norwegian speedskater who set three world records and won three gold medals in his home country and then donated his winnings to Olympic Aid? Who? That's my husband!


Johann's Olympic medals

Nearly a decade ago, I met my Johann serendipitously (much like the meeting I had with my co-founder, Kena) and the Olympics and all that it stands for clearly gained in significance for me. I have been blessed to have attended the Torino, Beijing, Vancouver and London games with him, and there is nothing more exhilarating than being there right in the moment. From Michael Phelp's incredible feat of winning 8 gold medals in Beijing to Sidney Crosby's winning overtime goal against the US in Vancouver, we've witnessed some pretty incredible sports moments in history.

Although I won't be joining my husband in Sochi this time around (hey, we've got a business to run here!), I'm gearing up to be inspired by those amazing personal stories of triumph and glory / heartache and pain. Ultimately, that's what this is all about... — Jen 5 of our Favorite Links: 1. Everything you need to know about the Olympics in one handy infographic. 2. I think we can agree that this is the most tear-jerking advertisement. 3. Why not host the ultimate Olympics viewing party? 4. What an amazing Olympic-themed treat. 5. Become an Olympics expert. 3 Links to Heartwarming Stories:  1. This is true Olympic spirit. 2. We can't watch this without shedding more than a few tears. 3. Jen's personal favorite.


Team BRIKA's Most Memorable Olympic Moments: "When Sydney Crosby scored the golden goal in Vancouver—it shows what hard work and determination can do. A proud Canadian moment!" - Steph, graphic designer "I always think of Marianne St-Gelais (a Canadian speed skater) watching her boyfriend Charles Hamelin skate (and win!) the 500m Short Track Speed Skating event. Have you ever seen anyone so excited?" - Lori, editor "I can't forget the double gold medals awarded to the Canadians and Russians in the pairs event at the 2002 olympics. It was so controversial!" - Gavin, merchandising assistant Did you like this story? You’ll probably like these as well!
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