5 Ways To Enjoy Fall


I love Summer. I also love Fall. However, I do not love Winter which is what makes fall so bittersweet. To emphasize the sweet rather than the bitter, I'm making a short list of all the wonderful things that go along with the upcoming crisp, fresh season. Just like a trip away makes us appreciate home more, the changing seasons allow us to appreciate each for all the wonderful things that come along with it.


1. Fall Fashion. It goes without saying that Fall is when fashion peaks. Heavy September issues full of cozy sweaters, deep and rich colour, gorgeous scarves and boots for everyone!  Although I'm a big believer in transitioning my summer wardrobe into fall for as long as possible, I still get excited about the endless outfit options Fall brings.


Scarf by Ichcha

2. Long walks in the crisp air. There's something about fall air that beckons you outside. Perhaps it's knowing that winter is next in line. So grab a favourite guy or gal, throw on some light layers and head out for a few hours to enjoy the softer sunlight and crisp air before hibernation season begins.

3. Fall TV line up. After a season of "nothing is on!" it is fun to get back to favorite shows and get excited about new ones.

4. Final farmer's market days. Hit your local market for the last of summer produce before apple and pear season sets in. Savour the heirloom tomatoes, juicy peaches, and sweet corn and say goodbye to them until next year.


Print by Renee Garner

5. A fresh start. The wonderful thing about changing seasons is it gives us a point in time to stop, reflect and press the reset button. Have some of your goals gone by the wayside? Has life become off balance in some way? Now is the time to change that. Sign up for a course you have been thinking about taking, start up your exercise routine again, and begin to make possible what you've been telling yourself is impossible!


Print by Yellow Heart Art

What is on your Fall short list?

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