30 Things To Do Before Summer Ends



1. Try a new restaurant in your city. 2. Host an amazing summer dinner party (these inspired us). 3. Spend a night under the stars and see how many constellations you can name. 4. Go to an ice cream shop and try a flavor you've never had before. 5. Catch a movie at the drive-in theater. 6. Buy fresh fruit and make a big batch of sangria (or try these drink ideas). 7. Enjoy an outdoor concert or food festival. 8. Head to the water—go boating, swimming, or waterskiing. 9. Have a bonfire (and make delicious s'mores). 10. Make your own popsicles: try these or these. 11. Get crafty. Try these DIYs. 12. Organize an outdoor group activity like beach volleyball, soccer, or ultimate frisbee. 13. Go on a road trip (it doesn't have to be far!). 14. Find a local farm and pick fresh fruit. 15. Make jam, pies, and cakes with all that fruit! 16. Catch fireflies in a jar. 17. Go canoeing or kayaking. 18. Sign up for a 5k run or fun triathlon. 19. Plant a garden (including fresh herbs!). 20. Bring some of the outdoors inside. 21. Go camping, even if it's just in the backyard. 22. Enjoy a long, leisurely bike ride. 23. Plan a picnic with friends. 24. Go skinny dipping! 25. Wake up early to watch the sunrise. 26. Go night swimming. 27. Try a new activity—rollerblading, anyone? 28. Read a good book (finish Gone Girl or Wild before they hit theaters this fall!). 29. Get one last bright manicure and pedicure. 30. Go on a hike or nature walk (pick wildflowers and press them in a book after!). Get even more summer inspiration here & see our must-have accessories.

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