3 Easy Ways To Think Positively


Every book on personal development, success, and happiness will tell you how crucial it is to think positively. Experts in their respective fields from Deepak Chopra, to Gretchen Rubin, to Diane Von Furstenberg have written about how keeping their thoughts positive is a key to their success and happiness.

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Sometimes as we rush through life, it's a challenge to ensure your thoughts are consciously positive and are not just running on automatic. My personal solution is to find easy ways to incorporate positive messages into my life. They become little reminders that pop into your life sometimes just when you need them. Here are 3 tips to accomplish just that:

1.  The power of a password. At one point, I was very unhappy in a job. When I finally decided that I had had enough, I went into work and changed the password on my computer to: "Two Weeks Notice". I typed those three simple words at least once a day until the day I was able to say it in person. Consciously and subconsciously, typing those words motivated me to crank up my job search and helped me to visualize what I actually wanted. If there is something that you're striving for or if you have an goal for the year, why not incorporate a positive reminder in your password(s)? Other examples could be: 'workouttoday', 'callafriend' or 'createnow.'

2.  Keep them visible. Surround yourself with positive messages and it will be a lot harder to let negative thoughts seep in. Try a post-it note on your bathroom mirror or fridge, a favourite quote framed in your front entrance or a note to yourself pinned on your bulletin board at work.


3.  Keep them close. One year I had an amazing yearly horoscope. It wasn't so much what it predicted, but rather the message for how I would live my year. I didn't want to forget what it said so I had it laminated and put it inside my wallet. Pulling out that card once in a while reminded me how I wanted to live and that I was meant to have a great year.

What are the ways you focus on positive, good messages in your life?

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