12 Spots in San Francisco You Need to Try


The next time you pack your bags for SFO, take note of this exclusive insider's guide, featuring the best places for dinner & drinks or coffee & a treat—as shared by BRIKA's San Francisco-based Makers. Of course, we couldn't help but share a few places on our radar, too. Enjoy!


1. FLOUR + WATER “I’m a huge fan of Flour + Water. The pasta is absolute perfection! If 11 p.m. is the only time we can get a reservation, we’ll eat at 11 p.m.” —Christine Trac, Abacus Row

P.S. If you want a little taste, watch them make pasta.


 2. STATE BIRD PROVISIONS “This place is on my must-try list! While they started out serving quail (the state bird), they've moved on to so many more offerings, all served dim-sum style from carts and trays (so you can eat until you're stuffed). This video gives a great inside look." —Lori, Editor, BRIKA.com


3. HOG & ROCKS “Hog & Rocks for oysters and cocktails!” —Molly Covert, Rabbit Foot Fern


4. NOPA “Nopa is such a warm spot for great food. Family-owned, it is dedicated to using local and organic produce. The restaurant has become a real staple in the neighborhoodoffering amazing burgers, French fries they can hardly keep up with, and a pig roast every Tuesday night.” Lisa Anderson Shaffer, Zelma Rose


5. HOG ISLAND OYSTER BAR “I would say the Hog Island Oyster Bar at the ferry terminal if you can't make it out the Bodega Bay.” —Kena, Co-founder & Crafter of Brand, BRIKA.com P.S. After 10 years and almost 10 million oysters, they're expanding & will re-open in Spring 2014.


6. FRANCES “It’s hard to pick a favorite restaurant in this foodie-city! I’d be happy to dine at Frances any night of the week. The restaurant is small, intimate and understated with heavenly food and wine—and to-die-for desserts. It’s good to share!” Monica Loos, Fig & Tulip


7. MISSION PIE “Get the banana cream pie at Mission Pie—it is to die for!” —Rose Elizabeth, The Foggy Dog

[caption id="attachment_4161" align="aligncenter" width="434"]Plow-Brunch-2 Photo credit: peterbelanger.com[/caption]

8. PLOW Every getaway plan needs a good place for brunch. Plow is Alana's pick for best brunch "because their potatoes are incredible." Read on for a few more of her picks. —Alana Rivera, Etta + Billie


9. DYNAMO DONUT & COFFEE  "Donuts at Dynamo Donut because each donut is a mini inspiration and they taste amazing! I also love grabbing a beer or cocktail at Southern Pacific Brewing Company because they carry a variety of micro-brews but still know how to make a killer Manhattan/Bloody Mary. Or drinking a glass of wine in the sunshine at the sidewalk tables at Salumeria." —Alana Rivera, Etta + Billie


10. CRAFTSMAN AND WOLVES “Hands down, Craftsman and Wolves. They make the most gorgeous pastries and desserts I've ever seen. I just LOVE their mission: ‘The name is a nod to the craftsman and the numerous challenges that one faces when pursuing their craft.’ Based on that, we knew we had to have them cater our pre-launch party at The Makeshift Society in November of 2012, and the food was exquisite!” —Jen, Co-founder & Builder of Business, BRIKA.com


11. SIGHTGLASS COFFEE “I’m a huge coffee freak and their coffee is quite good, but their space is amazing. It has an open floor plan with gorgeous wood all around. It’s lovely to just sit there and sip on some coffee while watching them roast the beans right there. They also package them out in the open in a neat and orderly line with a tag system, which I love.” —Jen Murse, Plastique*

Ritual-Coffee 12. A GREAT COFFEE TOUR San Francisco is known for its coffee. There's Blue Bottle Coffee (which started in Oakland), Grand Coffee (located in the historic Grand Theater building), Philz Coffee (specializing in pour-overs), and Ritual Coffee Roasters (pictured above). Or if you're up for a drive, take a page from Rosella Manzini of Rosslab: "When I feel homesick for Italy, I go to Cafe Venetia in Palo Alto for a real Italian espresso."

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