10 Stellar Spaces for Dreaming & Creating


To paraphrase Virginia Woolf, everyone needs a room of one's own to foster creativity. Whether it's a room, corner, nook, or cranny, our Makers have some beautiful spaces where they dream, imagine, and of course create the beautiful goods on BRIKA. Here are 10 examples of where the magic happens:


"Most of my projects start in my sketchbook. It’s full of (mostly horrible) sketches and doodles, and from there I hone the designs to something somewhat cohesive." - Kathleen Turner, Scout & Lilly


Alice Saunders, Forestbound 


"I feel most like myself when I'm making something, and that is a place I want to live out all of my days in." - Caitlin Parker, Bright July

4.Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 11.43.54 AM

"Handmade objects can be very meaningful in a world where so many things are designed to become obsolete." - Jacequeline Schmidt, Screech Owl Design


 Jessica & William, Son of a Sailor


Erika Riggs, Rouge & Whimsy


"I usually start with a collage in my sketchbook. I find a theme I like and run with it." - Molly Covert, Rabbit Foot Fern


"""There’s a long list of tools I can't live without in this line of work. One quietly underrated tool is a nice sharp pencil." - Matt Voight, Milled Co.

9.Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 12.12.46 PM

"To be honest, most of my work is trial and error. A lot of my finest design moments have been accidents." - Meera Lee Patel

10. HoneyBloom_AB-0565

Becky Hui Chan, Honey & Bloom

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