Why We Love Surya Sajnani + Buy This Handmade Seahorse Now!


[caption id="attachment_434" align="aligncenter" width="287"] "There's something intimate and special about a handmade item. It contains the heart and soul of the maker." -Surja Sajnani of Wee Gallery[/caption] Are your weekends a whirlwind of baby showers and birthday parties? Do you ever have that overwhelming “what-do-I-buy” feeling every time you have to find an amazing present and you just don't have the time? Whether you have children or not, it’s never easy to find gifts for kids. I know a lot of people who just end up relying on whatever the person in the store recommends. That can make someone feel pretty standard—especially when that person typically thinks of shopping as a creative act! There is nothing better than finding a gift for someone and knowing that it’s just perfect… As a mother of two young kids (Aksel, 2 and Annabelle, 5 months), I am always on the lookout for functional yet unique products that don’t break the bank to share with my other mom friends. When I stumble upon something that fits the bill, it becomes even more meaningful to me when I can tell others the story behind the person who made it and why. So when we came across Surya Sajnani of Wee Gallery, we knew we had found someone and something amazing. Surya (her name means “Sun God”) started Wee Gallery because she found the market was limited in hand drawn graphics for babies. With a science degree in Chemistry, Botany and Zoology, she always wanted to go to art school and never looked back. We are SO excited to be featuring her and her products on BRIKA. The hunt for the perfect present is over...

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  • Michelle on

    I was so excited to see this product on BRIKA today. I purchased Wee Gallery’s art cards for my daughter when she was just under a year old and she quickly gravitated towards the simplicity of the design. This seahorse offers the same simplicity and gets it right!

  • nidhi on

    these are just too cute!

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