What Halloween candy? 10 candles that smell good enough to eat

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With Halloween candy lining the aisles of grocery stores and pharmacies since August, it's easy to stockpile enough candy now to last you until – well, Halloween. If "sugar-free" isn't in your vernacular (and even if it is!), these 10 candles are in themselves treats that are delectable enough to eat. 1) It’s Your Birthday Candle, Campy Candles, $16 Although this is indisputably the perfect celebratory gift for someone on their birthday, we’d be partial to receiving it year round. Scented with vanilla and cream, and – like all good birthday cakes – complete with sprinkles on top! birthday 2) I Donut Know What I’d Do Without You Candle, Candelles, $20 If this candle were in donut glaze form, we’d risk offending all around us to double dip our way through the whole batch. Features a hint of cinnamon for extra yumminess. donut 3) Caramel Apple Candle, Northern Flicker, $28 Heaps and bounds better than bobbing for apples, with a caramel kick. (We’re drooling too.) caramelapple 4) Buttered Popcorn Candle, Northern Flicker, $28 For better or for worse, this candle should come with a warning that it could lead others to believe that freshly popped kernels are hot off the stove. Bonus: no actual calories will be consumed when inhaling this buttery aroma. popcorn 5) Cinnamon Bun Candle, Candelles, $20 Both spicy and sweet, this candle is scarily reminiscent – in the best way possible – to the decadent dessert we’ve blessedly managed to pass off as an acceptable breakfast alternative. cinnamon-bun 6) Cotton Candy Candle, Northern Flicker, $28 As sweet and nostalgic as a trip to the carnival. Made with soy wax, so you’ll get up to 120 hours of burn time. cotton-candy 7) Cabane à Sucre Candle, Smells Like Canada, $28 For the uninitiated (read: those of non-Canuck origins), cabane à sucre is the term used to describe a Quebecois sugar shack on a maple farm. If you become overwhelmed with a sudden pancake craving, here’s why. cabana-a-sucre 8) Freshly Brewed Candle, Candelles, $20 Although it won’t deliver the same caffeinated kick of a freshly brewed cup of joe, it certainly captures its essence. freshlybrewed 9) Pumpkin Roll Candle, Candelles, $20 In the autumnal era of Pumpkin Spice everything, this candle certainly does the trick – and we certainly won’t hold it against you should you choose to burn this one all year round. 6559eed847044c3d02baa3a656c630a1 10) That’s My Jam Candle, Candelles, $20 If you covet the preservatives section of every farmers’ market, this blackberry-scented number is right up your alley. jam

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