Tips From Our Makers: On Taking A Break


Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 1.59.41 PM Travel to a foreign city. To get around creative blocks, I usually get out of the studio. Not only to look for those 'found elements' to bring to the work, but because I welcome a change of scenery. Traveling to a foreign city is the best-case scenario. In a pinch, I'll just go for a good run or bike-ride. - Cathy Terepocki cathy-terepocki-studio-blackand white-BRIKA Work on multiple projects to avoid getting hung up on one. Sometimes I'll take on a little painting project to give myself a break from ceramics; sometimes it's even sewing or baking. When I have the more mundane parts of my work to do, I'll turn on a podcast or watch a documentary while I work, but usually it's in the quiet with my hands working that new ideas start to form. - Heather Dahl, Dahlhaus IMG_7468 Tip: Have multiple outlets for your creativity. Head outdoors. [We find inspiration] bike riding or hiking trails in and around Austin. We love enjoying the outdoors when the workplace gets too stifling and when our creative minds are hitting a wall. - Daniella & Sandrine, Monorail

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