Tips From Our Makers: On Finding New Ideas


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Write down every idea. When you have an idea, write it down. Don't let any of them get away from you, whether they're good or not, they might come in handy or spark other ideas. Nurture your creativity by making things happen. - Becky Hui Chan, Honey & Bloom

HoneyBloom_AB-0512 Tip: Always carry a notebook or app like or Evernote.

Look to nature. Your next idea is contained in your last one. Go outside. Look down. Notice how nature does it—how it arranges things. Look up. Do the same thing. Read a great book; something that challenges you. - Jennifer Seymour, Sea & Stone


Build a reservoir of ideas & inspiration. I have a big mason jar of started projects; pieces that aren't taking shape as I envision them. Most of the time I'll get a really great new idea from a challenge that I'm faced with so I appreciate these little pieces of well-intentioned inspiration. I go back to a lot of them when the right component, color or design occurs to me. - Shannon Kehler, Moonlight for Violet

Check back next week for tips on making time for your craft.

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