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Sisters Bethany and Jenna are creative forces in their own right (they have combined talents in fashion design and illustration), but when they come together to make, magic happens. Ortolan is the result of this partnership, and their handmade house linens and accessories are the beautiful byproducts. Take a beautiful West Coast journey as Bethany explains where and how they find inspiration.

My sisters Shaena and Jenna embarked on a 5-week cross country road trip this summer. When they hit California, they scooped me up in Los Angeles to journey up the coast of California to gather inspiration for our 2014 collection. Where the sea meets the land is an important place to draw from when we are brainstorming ideas. Big Sur is a perfect location, it blends our two favorite places on this planet—the forest and the sea.

Ortolan Organic Big Sur, California© Shaena Mallett 2014

The navy waves napkin is great example of the ocean working it's charm on us. Jenna and I could watch rolling waves for hours—this style is a way for us to bring that feeling into our home everyday.


Big Sur is positively dreamy, and Pfeiffer Beach is hands down my favorite spot in California. It's a great place to let inspiration flow with a mediative walk.



Jenna's illustrations come right from mother nature. Many designs in our collection are gathered on the shore.


Usually we keep to a pretty classic color palette, but Jenna and I both loved this pinkish purple seaweed that washed ashore.


There are so many amazing creatures in the sea. This was my first spring in California and I took a boat out on a whale watching trip—they are majestic and mysterious animals. Our whale pillow is a humble nod to one of our favorite creatures of the ocean.


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Photos by Shaena Mallett (@dearsweetetcetera) & Derin Thope.

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