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Gear(ing) up for back to school with BRIKA Toronto

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Calling all Toronto parents: leap into the school year with your best foot forward! Join BRIKA Riverside for an informative and engaging evening with health and wellness experts to ensure both you and your family are at your happiest and healthiest for the back-to-school season. At this free in-store event, BRIKA will be joined by experts who will discuss the following topics: Liz Berholz, founder of parenting consulting practice Liz B. Parenting How to get your kids excited and motivated for a productive year ahead Rebecca Earl, family-based sleep coach and founder of The Sugar Plum Sleep Co. How to make...

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The art of playing with food: Q+A with Ida Frosk

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Most people enjoy food and art, but what happens when you combine the two? Just ask Norway-based Ida Frosk, who has succeeded in making all of our culinary creation dreams come true with her book Eat Your Art Out. Part practical guide and part visual feast, Eat Your Art Out serves up a serious dose of inspiration while promoting healthy eating. From Little Red Riding Hood vignettes to recreating famous works of art, Ida’s book is chock-full of creative ideas that will whet the appetite of adults and kids alike. On a recent trip to Norway, BRIKA Co-Founder Jen Lee...

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BRIKA's Best: Guide to Seattle

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BRIKA Maker Christine Heidel of Silver + Salt's roundup of the best things to see, eat, drink and do in Seattle.

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BRIKA's best: 21 spring cleaning tips to start the new season afresh

BRIKA's best cleaning life hacks spring tips

We’ve amassed some of our favorite cleaning hacks to get your spring started on the right (read: clean) foot. Use white vinegar to remove water spots and fingerprints from your faucet, then rub with wax paper to prevent further deposits. Place old newspaper at the bottom of your kitchen garbage bag to absorb liquid and prevent leaks. Clean your vacuum cleaner by putting it through the dishwasher (remove all other dishes first!). Buff steel appliances using a sponge, cream of tartar, and a couple drops of water. Rub a dry shower squeegee across your rug to draw hair out. Discard...

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BRIKA's best: 5 iPhone photography tips for Instagram-worthy photos

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If you often find yourself envious of the drool-worthy food photos that populate your Instagram feed, you’re not alone—we at BRIKA believe a world of beauty lives in every small thing, notwithstanding the gorgeous imagery that can be found on social media. Luckily, technology has advanced far enough that we can take impressive photos with an iPhone that are comparable to DSLR-quality images; Apple’s shot on iPhone 6 campaign serves as a brilliant testament to this. Read on for these few simple tricks that will have you fancying yourself a food photographer in no time. Use natural light. As with...

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