Behind the Goods: Canadiana-inspired enamelware from Forest & Waves

Behind the Goods Makers Q+A

When we first came across Edward Juan of Forest & Waves’ designs, we were smitten by the nature-centric illustrations on his line of enamelware that is practical enough for camping but charming enough for home use. BRIKA chatted with Ed about how the ocean, mountains and trees have been his greatest muse in his journey as an artisan in home goods. Where do you find the inspiration for your design? Mostly nature, but also everywhere! I live in Vancouver, B.C., where the mountain meets the ocean. I get my inspiration from a hike or a jog through Stanley Park, which is right by...

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Behind the Goods: Graphic illustrations and bold colors from LUprints

Behind the Goods Q+A

Graphic illustrations with bold pops of color are defining features of LUprints’ aesthetic, and the reason why their Toronto tea towel and animal print coasters remain BRIKA bestsellers. But as any artisan knows, the process between an idea and how it will take shape is multifaceted (and can often involve additional trips to the drawing board). With that in mind, we chatted to Ulla Clark, the face behind LUprints, about how she takes an Edison bulb idea for a new product and brings it to life. Where do you find the inspiration for your design? I am influenced by my surroundings, where we live...

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Behind the Goods: Handmade wooden furniture from Son of a Woodcutter

Behind the Goods entrepreneurial Meet BRIKA Q+A

In case you haven’t heard the news, BRIKA is delving into serious, world-dominating territory with our announcement about expanding into the furniture category. With the newfound ability to offer the very best in exceptionally made tables, desks and shelving and more, our Maker family has expanded to include carpenters, metalsmiths and lighting maestros. Jack Fouracre, the reclaimed wooden furniture designer and face behind Son of a Woodcutter, is one such artisan. BRIKA visited Jack at his studio in Toronto’s east end to get the scoop on how he makes his beautiful, expertly crafted furniture pieces. Why is the notion of using...

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For Japanese luxury ribbon store Mokuba, presentation is key in the art of gifting

gift ideas Q+A Toronto

“Mokuba is more than a business – it’s art,” said Helene Smagala, owner of Mokuba, a ribbon emporium that finds its origins in Japan. Situated a few blocks down the street from BRIKA’s Queen West, Toronto, location, we have a history of being fascinated with Mokuba and its beautiful product, so relished the opportunity to chat with Ms. Smagala about the brand’s history and philosophy. Mokuba’s first post outside Tokyo opened its Toronto doors 30 years ago, at a time when the Japanese economy was booming and Mokuba was burgeoning. “The product is so exceptional,” said Ms. Smagala. “There’s nothing...

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Pretty, Please: Q+A with artist-on-the-rise Allison Morris

cool finds creativity photography Q+A

On first glance at Allison Morris’ photo series depicting the photographer herself as the subject in various states of vivid and brightly colored camouflage, our initial reaction was, predictably, “Pretty!” – but upon closer inspection, we were intrigued by the themes of female beauty, subjectivity and introspection ingrained in her photographs. Naturally, we had to reach out to her to chat about the raison d’être behind the series – read on for insight into this budding artist’s mind, and feast your eyes on her compelling photographs below. What is the meaning behind the series title "Pretty, Please"? What are the...

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