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7 Ways to Make Your 2017 Amazing

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Every article I’ve read lately about the New Year starts with a sentence about how horrible 2016 was. I find this so disheartening. Every year has its good and bad, its sadness and joy, its low moments and bright spots. It is a very personal thing as well — some people may have had a much harder year than others depending on where they live in the world or their current life situation. But whether you claim the year to have been good or bad, everyone can agree to have learned something. Many things, most likely, but at least something. Rather than end...

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Handpicked: 10 host(ess) gifts under $30 that aren't wine

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Below, you’ll find our top host gifts that aren’t wine. The best part? They’re all under $30.

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Q+A with Art of Conformity author Chris Guillebeau on how to hack the job of your dreams

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Q+A with New York Times bestselling author Chris Guillebeau on his latest book, "Born For This."

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50 Things to Do Other Than Watch TV

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BRIKA curates high-quality, beautiful pieces handmade by artisans and designers around North America. Shop the best in modern craft in our one-stop shop here. Since the launch of BRIKA, my TV-watching time has been reduced to almost nothing. But prior to that, I sometimes found myself mindlessly turning on the TV when I had a little time to myself.  One day, I made a quick list of 50 things I could do other than watch TV.  That way, when I did choose to watch say, Breaking Bad, it would feel like a choice rather than just something to fill up time. Here...

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BRIKA'S best: 6 apps to unlock your creativity

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7 apps that will ignite inspiration, focus and creativity.

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