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Parenting pointers: How to pack your kids’ lunches like a pro

food parenting pointers

If you’ve ever had your child return home from school with only half their lunch eaten, the feelings of frustration can be experienced twofold – first, via your child by virtue of the fact that they didn’t eat, and second, by your own wasted time and efforts spent making it. BRIKA enlisted the help of the Lunch Lady, a.k.a. Ruthie Burd, to tackle some of the most frequently posed questions facing many parents today. With her advice, we hope that the lunch-packing process in your household is a collaborative, innovate and ultimately positive one. Ruthie Burd is the president and face...

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BRIKA eats: Peanut butter banana bread smoothie

banana breakfast BRIKA eats food health peanut butter recipe smoothie

Milk and cookies. Wine and cheese. Peanut butter and banana. All of these flavor combinations are virtually universal in their appeal, and for good reason too. The latter being one of our favorites (whoever first decided it was a good idea to pair a nut butter with a humble breakfast fruit, we salute you!), we decided to recreate it in smoothie form and elevate it with a dessert-like twist. The cinnamon and granola save the day in that respect, the granola giving this smoothie an added thickness in that you could practically chew your way through it. Plus, fiber, omega...

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Q+A with Chef Taryn Casey, Rose and Sons Swan

creativity food Q+A

Photography by Kayla Chobotiuk A chef at Toronto’s Rose and Sons Swan restaurant, headed by Anthony Rose (“the Judd Apatow of the city’s restaurant scene”), Taryn Casey always knew she wanted to be a chef. After completing a culinary management degree at George Brown, she traveled the world in search of semifreddo and pan di spagna (thanks to Italy, amongst many other countries) and then journeyed home to cater (literally) to Toronto’s restaurant scene. Her current post at Swan sees her as the mastermind behind the restaurant’s menu staple Taryn’s Daily Bakes, where she creates a new and innovative baked...

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BRIKA's best: 5 iPhone photography tips for Instagram-worthy photos

BRIKA eats BRIKA's best food photography tips

If you often find yourself envious of the drool-worthy food photos that populate your Instagram feed, you’re not alone—we at BRIKA believe a world of beauty lives in every small thing, notwithstanding the gorgeous imagery that can be found on social media. Luckily, technology has advanced far enough that we can take impressive photos with an iPhone that are comparable to DSLR-quality images; Apple’s shot on iPhone 6 campaign serves as a brilliant testament to this. Read on for these few simple tricks that will have you fancying yourself a food photographer in no time. Use natural light. As with...

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