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BRIKA Eats: The Dude Diet (+ Trashed Up Turkey Burgers)

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Serena Wolf first realized the majority of men she knew missed the nutritional mark when her fiancé assumed he was doing his body a service by eating a buffalo chicken salad for lunch everyday. As a result, she developed a mission: to demystify healthful eating for dudes in a way that was both educational and fun. Ergo launched “The Dude Diet,” a series of posts on Serena’s blog, Domesticate ME!, which would evolve into a full-on cookbook by the same name. BRIKA spoke to Serena about the less traditional career path she took to get there, and she shared her recipe...

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Behind the Goods: Handmade wooden furniture from Son of a Woodcutter

Behind the Goods entrepreneurial Meet BRIKA Q+A

In case you haven’t heard the news, BRIKA is delving into serious, world-dominating territory with our announcement about expanding into the furniture category. With the newfound ability to offer the very best in exceptionally made tables, desks and shelving and more, our Maker family has expanded to include carpenters, metalsmiths and lighting maestros. Jack Fouracre, the reclaimed wooden furniture designer and face behind Son of a Woodcutter, is one such artisan. BRIKA visited Jack at his studio in Toronto’s east end to get the scoop on how he makes his beautiful, expertly crafted furniture pieces. Why is the notion of using...

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Behind the Goods: JUST B SMILING's pressed flower phone cases

Behind the Goods BRIKA Makers crafting creativity entrepreneurial inspiration process Q+A

It's hard not to immediately fall in love with JUST B SMILING's phone cases, and the audible chorus of ooh's and aah's when anyone lays eyes on them is certainly a testament to this fact. Beautiful and functional, each flower in Britt Stillie's line of phone accessories is plucked from her own backyard (even the case tags are made of seeds, ready to be planted!), making each colorful piece truly one-of-a-kind and a perfect gift for any occasion. As part of our Behind the Goods series, BRIKA chatted with Britt about starting her own business and the creative process that goes into putting...

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Q+A with Art of Conformity author Chris Guillebeau on how to hack the job of your dreams

born to do this cool finds entrepreneurial entrepreneurship how to get paid to do what you love life hacks Q+A

Q+A with New York Times bestselling author Chris Guillebeau on his latest book, "Born For This."

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Q+A with one-to-watch photographer Arden Wray

creativity entrepreneurial Q+A

BRIKA caught up the burgeoning artist to chat wonderful women, the dreamy American south and her aesthetic eye.

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